Inside everyone there is a story worth telling.

Telling your Story LLC helps you write, edit and produce your book

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Step One

We interview you, compile information about your story and write your story in your own words,

Step Two

With your input, we design the book cover, size, type of paper, and prepare the photos for your book.

Step Three

We send your book manuscript to the printer and deliver the finished book to you.

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Sam's Story - Telling Your Story
Sam's Story - Telling Your Story
Sam's Story - Telling Your Story
Sam's Story - Telling Your Story


Sam's Story

I will always be grateful to you, Marj, for the way you brought Sam's story into the world with such truth and beauty. When I opened the box of books, my hand trembled a little, because they looked so elegant and worthy in their sleek black covers.

Sam's Story

by Samuel R. Lane

Dianne Skafte, daughter - 2017

Florence's Story 1902 – 2002

This story could never have been told without your keen interest and skillful questioning.

Florence's Story

by Florence Hoffman Mills

Florence – 2002

From Then to Now - A Memoir

To Marj, my very good friend, who made this book possible.

From Then to Now - A Memoir

by Louise Gilbert

Louise – 2017

My Unexpected Life: A Memoir

It turned out to be a beautiful product.

My Unexpected Life: A Memoir

by Sue Ning Barry

Sue – 2018

Grandma Elaine's Memoirs

Dear Marj, To my patient and devoted editor with sincere thanks.

Grandma Elaine's Memoirs

by Elaine F. Needell, M.D.

Elaine – 2004

Grandpa Merv's Memoirs

To dear Marjory Lyons, Whose good taste and counsel helped bring this project to completion.

Grandpa Merv's Memoirs

by Mervin H. Needell, M.D.

Merv – 2002

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I want to have a book written?
You have a story to tell about your life and you want to tell it.
What if I cannot write it?
If you are not a book writer, turn to us, and we will write your book for you.
Can I add photographs?
You can add photos, certificates and awards to enrich your story.
How long does it take to get my book completed?
You can have your book completed in five  to seven months.
What is meant by “Gift of a Lifetime?
Only you can tell your story, so preserving your story in a book is your gift of  your lifetime.
How many copies will I get?
You can get as many copies as you order, usually from 50 to 100.

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