Think you can’t write? Think again!


A step by step guide for writers who have put off completing the story of their dreams for too long. This foolproof manual includes real-life suggestions and specific tips for writers to complete their book at last.

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Think you can’t write? Think again! By the time you have finished reading and working in this book, you will be well on your way to writing the book you have dreamed about. Sound impossible? It’s not. Many people with the desire to write have trouble getting started, putting the words down on paper and developing a narrative flow of the story. That is a natural dilemma. Even experienced writers need guidance in executing a plan that will result in the completion of their book. 

The purpose of this book is to provide you with this foolproof guide developed to assist you in the completion of your story. The chapters are designed to lead you through the process of preparing, drafting, writing, revising and completing your story. 

The two authors shared in the preparation of this book. Marjory wrote the following chapters: Chapter One which guides you to discover the reason why you want to write; Chapter Two which helps you sort out your life so you can begin to outline your story; Chapter Three which provides specific techniques to help you enrich your story; Chapter Four which helps you determine who you want to read your story; and Chapter Ten which gives you specific tips in writing your story at last.

Beverley wrote Chapter Five which guides you in helping to get started; Chapter Six which helps you analyze your own style of writing; Chapter Seven which shows you how to overcome writer’s roadblock; Chapter Eight which provides help in the discipline of writing; and Chapter Nine which discusses types of support you need around you to succeed. To assist the readers, a summary and a checklist are included at the end of every chapter. 

Both of us are authors, educators, and workshop leaders. Our combined years of experience would amount to an embarrassing number of years. Let’s settle for fifty years. 

Marjory conducts writing workshops nationwide, with regular classes in Pompano Beach, Florida at Marjory’s Friday Writers, and at York Library, York, Maine. A retired college instructor, she lectures on New York Times Best Sellers at libraries and churches. Marjory’s special course is “Tell Your Story in Words and Pictures,” a memoir-writing workshop which she taught at the Chautauqua Institute in New York State. Marjory is president of Telling Your Story LLC, a company which produces and publishes books of memoirs for book clients. 

Beverley has written twenty-two books about students with special needs. She speaks nationwide on this subject, often in concert with several international organizations. Beverley’s professional experience ranges from special education teacher to middle school principal to author to college instructor and national lecturer. In addition, Beverley has authored “The Discipline of Writing” and “Getting Organized.” Currently, she is writing a series of fiction stories set in a school environment where scary and mysterious things happen. 

We love feedback and would be pleased to hear from our readers. In addition, we are available to appear at schools, libraries, churches, bookstores or places of business.


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