“Thanks to Marjory for stimulating her students,motivating them, and teaching us how to write the many stories that all of us have.”

“Your workshop, Tell Your Story in Words and Pictures, was extremely helpful and gave me a lot of ideas I hadn’t even thought of.”

Beverly Holden Johns


“I recently participated in a writing workshop presented by Marjory D. Lyons, “Tell Your Story in Words and Pictures.”

Marjory’s experience and seemingly endless knowledge guides you through the process of getting started with telling your story. All questions you may have wanting to write your memoir are answered in a way that foster the ideas that your story needs to be told land you can tell it.  The workshop, a step by step guide to have pictures heighten the meaning of your word, I found informative, encouraging and certainly motivating.

Cathy Kennedy


This email provides an opportunity to tell you how much I love your class and how much it means to me.  Without your class—should we call it a class, think of another name—I wouldn’t be able to write my name. The only reason I’ve finished my book was because of you and the group.

In the late fall which is when I get back I’ll try and recruit some more participants from among my friends. I don’t think we need hordes but a few more would do.

Once again, I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Keep safe. You are valuable to a lot of people.

Patrick O’Connor

Dear Marge,

Thank you for running that writing workshop. I had a lot of fun listening to how everyone writes, and when I read, getting feed back. When I got to hear what people thought of my writing, it gave me confidence and made me inspire to write more. At first I was nervous to read what I had written but, once I had, it felt good to know that people thought it was good. It was also wonderful to hear other people’ stories. We all have our own styles, and it is helpful to hear how others write too.

Again thank you for running that workshop. It was very enjoyable, and inspiring.


Dear Marjory,

Thank you for your presentation, “Founding Fathers” for our 3rd Thursday Program on July 20th.

Once again, your research and energetic presentation made for a very informative and enjoyable program, and we thank you for your generous time and effort.

Pat Leod,
Friends of the Library
Fletcher Memorial Library


Thank you so much for your time and education. I wrote another chapter after the workshop. I will definitely keep in touch with you. Have a wonderful stay in Sedona.

Shawna Bowen

Dear Marjory,

Thanks so much for the interesting workshop. The information on the IBPA should be particularly useful to me. Also I will definitely check out Amazon’s Space as you receommended.

Thanks also for taking a look the opening of my urban fantasy novel.

With best wishes,
Ginny Chanda

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