By Mervin H. Needell, MD

This is a life story by a Miami physician, who for two months every year worked in impoverished countries around the world, including India, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nicaragua, Colombia, Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific, and Lambarene, Gabon in Africa where he worked with Dr. Albert Schweitzer. After retiring, Mervin earned a bachelor’s degree cum laude from Yale University, in his early sixties, and a master’s degree from Georgetown University inbiomedical-ethics, which he still teaches. 

I thought that I had done a pretty decent job writing my memoirs. Then Marj applied her editorial skills, took my work to a professional level, and got it published. Friends from The Marketing Heaven were in charge of promoting the book through social media, so now I have stacks of letters from admiring readers of my book.  –Mervin H. Needell, M.D.